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World Day against Trafficking in Persons


30th July


THE UNSPEAKABLE TRUTH OF CHILD-TRAFFICKING, info@uaichildtrafficking, +234(0)80119002064

Child-Trafficking under international law, child trafficking is a crime involving the movement of children for the purpose of their exploitation. The concept of child trafficking can be segmented into the following elements: A child: A person under the age of 18, Traffic: Recruitment, transfer, transportation, receipt or harbouring, whether by force or not, by a third person or a group.


Child-Trafficking is a modern day slavery which implies that someone has organised the movement of a child within a country or across borders to other countries with immediate or ultimate aim of the child’s exploitation. This may involve a transaction where someone receives payment or a benefit to agree to a child being exploited.


Child-Trafficking remains a harsh reality for Millions of children globally. This heinous act is rife round the world in the present day. Particular rights are broken persistently with devastating consequences on the children, and community. Children continue to be exposed to diverse forms of trafficking, violence, abuse, and exploitation often permissible and buttressed by cultural beliefs and practices.


According to UNODC’s report “Traffickers and their victims often come from the same place, speak the same language or have the same ethnic background. Such commonalities help traffickers generate trust to carry out the trafficking crime. Traffickers rarely travel abroad in order to recruit victims, but they do travel to destination countries to exploit them. As general pattern, traffickers in origin countries are usually citizens of these countries. Traffickers in destination countries are either citizens of these countries or have the same citizenship as the victim(s) they trafficked.”


Alas! Only a small proportion of all acts of abuse against children are reported and investigated and few perpetrators are held accountable. This is due to poor reporting mechanisms and some of the victims fear to report because the perpetrators are either their parents, teachers, pastors, guardians or other relatives and confidants. A lot has been done to fight against child related based Trafficking at international, regional and national levels. Child-Trafficking in its diverse forms is mainly perpetrated by those most closely associated with the children, such as parents and teachers and children, and other caregivers. Children lacked awareness on child rights at schools, and at homes which inhibited them from reporting the violence they experienced.


Child-Trafficking occurs on a large scale and in virtually all settings. Available evidence shows that children are routinely exposed to physical, sexual and emotional violence at homes, schools, care and justice institutions, communities and place where children exist.


United Against Indigenous Child-Trafficking Organization has launched and joined campaigns to combat specific children's rights violations/abuses and other areas of child’s rights lacking attention globally. We aim to ensure that the full spectra of children’s rights are covered by us and other stakeholders through strong and synergistic ambitious advocacy and solidarity campaigns against child exploitation.


We believe transparency, access to justice for children and protection from trafficking are crucial to securing children’s rights.


Unity & Justice!

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