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Executive Director’s Message

As the ages pass, it is those who live for the sake of others who will continue to progress and evolve. In line with our mission to stand for the vulnerable victims of Child-Trafficking, we focus our advocacy efforts on unaccompanied minor-refugees and minor-migrants worldwide. Advocacy is using our voices, rights, and privileges to speak out against issues of social injustice for the victims of Child-Trafficking. This is done by influencing those people in position of authorities, the legislatives, and the law enforcement Agencies worldwide to promote changes to the policies and structures that are harming the most vulnerable children, and by ensuring that beneficial policies are maintained unconditionally.

The migration and mobility of people, whether forced by circumstances of violence, acts of God, domestic violence, Political or Religious crises, inter states conflict or poverty is a phenomenon of all times.

However, worldwide globalisation processes have accelerated these phenomena and the influences they have on the social, cultural, economic and political fabric of societies. On top, several conflicts worldwide have created a significant increase in the number of refugees seeking protection in different parts of the world.

Migration, mobility and fleeing may challenge the involved children , families, communities and societies, creating a range of diverse and sometimes complex needs. More so, the growing numbers of migrants and refugees have challenged the existing care and need structures for these groups in different life domains, such as education, health, law and labour, with increasing pressures on societies' main principles of solidarity and human rights of the children globally.

Child-Trafficking is a devastating crime that threatens society’s most vulnerable children, exploiting them for labor, and servitude, sex, drugs and child soldier, terrorism an so on of all kinds of abuses. It destroys families, shatters lives, and undermines our most fundamental beliefs about the dignity of all children worldwide.

As an Executive Director/Founder of United Against Indigenous Child-Trafficking Organization , I have witnessed a firsthand of the consequences of this heinous crime against children, as well as the extraordinary strength of survivors as they worked to reclaim their lives and renew their hope and self-determinations.

Trafficking and exploitation can take multiple forms and occur in various contexts. Collaboration at all levels is critical. At the United Against Indigenous Child-Trafficking Organization, we are deeply committed to combating the scourge of child-trafficking, supporting survivors and we serve as a safety-net for the vulnerable worldwide with every available resources at our disposal.

We have prioritised these efforts to protect the unheard, the marginalized, the vulnerable, the poor as well as defenseless indigenous children globally.

We believe in our commitment, doggedness, solidarity, and philosophy because nothing is more important than helping the Child-Trafficking Victims (CTV), as well as the Minor Refugees (MR) to regain the sense of control that their assailants have tried to steal from them.

The complex and pernicious nature of Child-Trafficking requires a multifaceted and immediate aggressive response to address it.

We are committed to constant improvement, and the strategy highlights various ways we intend to enhance our project efforts through greater coordination and collaboration with other stakeholders, law enforcement agencies , individual actors, as well as the United Nations Subsidiaries with similar objectives.

Child-Trafficking is nothing less than modern-day slavery.

The realities of this horrible crime against children demand our relentless opposition, and the strength and courage of survivors requires our unyielding support and aid. While we have made important progress, there is so much work still to be done. I am confident that with the help of other stakeholders , we can build a Sustainable child’s rights protection, and minor-Refugees’ rights globally.

Above all, Success could be said to be the rewarded of an altruistic way of life. Holding onto those lofty, selfless ambitions makes one’s life abundantly rich.


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