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United Against Indigenous Child-Trafficking Organization focuses on BROAD VALUES of CHILD's Rights PROTECTION; PREVENTION; and ASSISTANCE which CENTRED ON core social protection and welfare of unaccompanied children of refugees, internally displaced children, as well as vulnerable and victims of child-trafficking with the following methodology globally.
  1. Preventing Vulnerable Children, Minor Refugees' rights, and the Victims of child-trafficking from being re-trafficked worldwide.
  2. Advocating for the core interests of the indigenous children, and child-refugee worldwide.
  3. Focusing on sustainable well-being of the children worldwide.
  4. Supporting children's rights and minor Refugees' rights irrespective of background worldwide.
  5. Representing the Safety-net for all children worldwide.
All aspects of a child's life are interdependent. United Against Indigenous Child-Trafficking Organization's approach to children's social protection mirrors this interdependence, providing an integrated services of evidence-based projects that address all elements needed for a child's long-term well-being and protections. Our organization's activities support children from (birth to age 18 years). We implement and support global based initiatives that strengthen Refugees, families and communities, helping them protecting the rights of their children.
We see children as energetic agents of change and their experiences shape our policies. Our activities provide essential healthcare support, quality education and livelihood skills, on rights bedrock of child protection, gender equity and resilience.
Our organizational interventions in child's protection help them explore newness, ensure secured life and livelihood, and prepare them for responsive parenthood.
United Against Indigenous Child-Trafficking Organization's health based activities ensure unreached and underserved children have access to quality health and qualitative education, and help them gain life skills, moral behaviors, form positive relationships, have self-determination, access essential services, and live free from exploitation and abuses.
Our organization basic health activities are aimed to be implemented across the world.
United Against Indigenous Child-Trafficking Organization's early years education activities focus on providing home and centre based quality learning stimulation, positive parenting skills, and skills required to detect potential development to empower children with employable vocational, professional and life skill education through formal schooling. We provide financial support to Deprived, Excluded and Vulnerable children worldwide.
United Against Indigenous Child-Trafficking Organization's mission is archived only when an educated, and healthy child becomes a self-reliant, and contributes actively to family, community and society at large. Our Livelihood activities strive to make children dream driven and reliant through technical and vocational training, build their life skills involving personal competencies, problem-solving and managing conflicts effectively. The goals of our activities are to support children to achieve improved economic, physical and social well-being, and become catalysts for positive change gents in all round development.