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Our philosophy is built on the principle of synergic partnership – sharing knowledge, expertise, and best practices to create dynamic working relationships that help us achieve a sustainable maximum objectives, and goals.

We network with others to promote rights of vulnerable migrants and trafficked children as a result of illegal-immigration. Our relationship is based upon the partner NGO’s, INGO’s, and IGO’s relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and impact.

We assist our partners create a permanent presence in the community where they are recognised and accepted and able to create strong community-based structures.

We are guided by the principles of human rights, democracy, and social justice. Our Organization recognises that education is a human right and a public good helping to enable children at all stages in their lives to achieve their maximum potential. “UAIC-T“ has a role to play in promoting the right to learn and right to teach for minor refugees and child- migrant  because education is fundamental to this work and because it is, by its very nature, an international issue.